Starting Again: Boston Style

Saying that it has been a while is a slight understatement. Look, I’m sorry, but finishing my Australia trip was a feat in itself, but now I am ready to start again.

Many adventures have happened and are still happening since I came home from the good ole land of Oz. After my many months of heartbreak and waddling around in my own puddle of self pitiness, I got up onto my bare two feet and took the summer by storm. I turned 21 and applied for a flight attendant job, where you can read about that small adventure here:

I say small adventure, because it really was small in comparison to my Australia trip, and also, my next trip.

So maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a flight attendant, who knows? All I knew was that I was not staying home one month longer. Plans swirled my head as I tried to figure out a way to travel again. I searched farming lands in Canada, boaters in South America, exchange student in Europe, when finally I found one that was feasible. Becoming an au pair, or “nanny”.

Off I went, researching and talking to my then current out of country friends about what their process was like. “Are the parents mean?” “Do you cook and clean a lot?” “Do you get a lot of time off?” “How do I know if the pay is too low?” “Oh, your family has a maid and a chef!?” “Does the dad ever hit on you?” “They have how many houses??”

You know, the basics, right? So off I went, making the profile and trying to make myself sound like the perfect person they would want to hire.

A week or so passed, and honestly, I forgot about the website. I was busy working and was considering moving to DC and just starting new and fresh there when I got an email. The family sounded enthusiastic about my profile and wanted to know if I could set up a Skype interview soon.

We did. It was awesome. I got the job.

Short and brief, because you people don’t wanna know about how I can make a mean grilled cheese and that I’ve never been in an accident before, right?

After the family confirmed that I was not a serial killer and officially booked my flight, it was time to go shopping. Oh, did I mention that this nanny gig was in Boston, Massachusetts? This southern beach bum only owned one pair of jeans and has never lived in snow before. See where this is going?

So after three pairs of flannel lined jeans were bought, along with a puffy coat with a fur trimmed hood (I never thought I would ever own one of these in my life), snow boots, regular boots (because flip flops are frowned upon up there), and lots of thermals, I was all set for my trip up to Yankee Land.

Two weeks later they flew me out, and by this point, I was a pro at flying. Absolutely no sweat. I actually sat next to a girl on a plane who had never flown before and walked her to her gate when we landed. I know, you can stop throwing flowers at me, I know I’m a saint.

One more flight later and I was peering out of the plane window at the lit up skyline of Boston. I had arrived.

I was nervous as hell. Because, unlike my trip to Australia, I didn’t really know the people who were picking me up. Were they nice? Were they actual serial killers? Why didn’t I do a background check on them like they did me? What if they weren’t actually going to pick me up from the airport? What if they hate me? What if they love me so much they lock me in their basement until I’m old and grey?

Hey, it could happen.

Making my way down to the baggage claim, I felt my nerves skyrocket. This was an absolute terrifying adventure. Screw Australia, Boston was way worse.

Once my bags were accounted for (all ten million of them), I stood awkwardly and texted the family, letting them know where I was and what I was wearing.

This was just the start to an adventure I’ll never forget.

How did it end up? You’ll have to check back!

To be continued….

Until Next Time!!!



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