The Greenwood Hotel

It was official. We were staying in Sydney. With my boyfriends job officially secured, we made plans to seek out apartments near and around the city. First though, we had to celebrate.

As I was called earlier that Friday morning, I was given orders to dress nice and be ready for him when he arrived later that evening. Now, being driven around the loops of the city, we were finally reaching our destination.

The Greenwood Hotel.

This place, he told me, is a tradition. Each and every Friday night when he used to live in Sydney, he and his old coworkers would meet up at the Greenwood for a relaxing night out, and apparently we weren’t going to break that tradition.

He told me about his friends that would be there, his old mates from his previous employer, and even his old employer himself. He didn’t have to call them to make sure they would in fact still be there after so many years, he just knew they would be. Like I said, it was tradition.

My nerves fluttered around deep inside my tummy as I prepared myself for yet another meeting of my boyfriends’ friends and colleagues. It was an exhausting task really, seeing as how I really just got to know his friends in Melbourne.

But then we were there. Hand in hand we walked up the hill (my God it was a steep hill) and we entered the black gates of the infamous Greenwood Hotel.

My eyes darted about, trying to find recognition in the faces that sat at the many many tables outside. Lights were strung all about the airspace above my head and the sun was just then setting for a gorgeous twilight. Finally, after my nerves had wracked up from making eye contact with so many strangers, I heard a voice call out my boyfriends name.

It was a girl and she had a grin on her face that went from ear to ear, reminding me of a cheshire cat. Her hair was dark and her lips were red as she held a glass of wine in her grasp. She hugged my boyfriend, obvious that it was a long over due reunion, and came to me then with open arms. She called me “darling” and grabbed my hand as if she had known me forever. She was one of those people whom you could be around and her energy would light up a dark room. I didn’t even know her and I felt like we were best friends.

After we ordered our drinks and I was introduced to everyone else at the table, this girl sat me down right next to her. She chatted away about things I cannot recall anymore, but I knew instantly that she was going to be a good friend to have.

Later I would be neighbors with her and her boyfriend, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Her boyfriends company “party” was just a few tables down and the noise of laughter and conversations were endless. He swung on by a couple of times, completely drunk, but wanting to make sure that his lovely girlfriend had enough wine. It seemed like an admirable effort. I was introduced briefly, but I knew I would be seeing more of him.

The night went on about like that. I was made fun of a few times for saying “ya’ll” and I made friends with all sorts of different characters. I was definitely going to like Sydney.

With the drink consumption in the plenty for both myself and my boyfriend, we decided to take the train over to my new friends’ house not too far away. The next morning we were waking up early to go and find a suitable place to live, so my boyfriend would have to ride the train back into the city to pick up the car while I slept, of course. Which he did.

We made off that next morning, a little hung over, but with high spirits. We had been researching different options and today was our day to find something (seeing as how this was the only opening day for all of these places).

I felt like Goldilocks, picking out which apartment was best for us.

The first one was too small.

Like, seriously, the stove was the nightstand and you had to share a bathroom with the whole building. Nope. Nada. Not happening.

The second was too big.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was just too expensive.

The third was good, but had horrible location.

Cause, I’m a girl with no automobile. Trains are highly needed.

The fourth though, was juuuuusssttt right.

It was larger than all of the others combined, and was still greatly within our price range. Oh, and the train station was a block away. Annndd my new friends lived three blocks away.

We were sold.

The only problem was the waiting. The waiting to see if we qualified or if someone else maybe had snagged it first.

And the waiting would take a full week.

So we waited. We knew that place was the place we wanted, and if it was meant to be then it was meant to be.

Turns out, it was.

We moved in that next Friday night with three suitcases and a tv. No furniture, no nothing.

This was sure to be an awfully big adventure.


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