Road Trip

After two and a half months of exploring the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia, we received some long awaited news. We were going to be moving to Sydney. Well, hopefully, if the trial with my boyfriends new job went well enough.

The day we received the news, we were on a beautiful picnic in the hills. We had decided to grill out sausages and drink cider in our own tiny celebration of welcoming the fresh summer breeze. We had just finished eating and were cleaning up when the phone calls started pouring in. That’s right, multiple jobs were all calling at once, cause when it rains it pours, right? He was off pacing in the distance while I played with a kookaburra that had been eyeballing the sausages since we had first arrived. Me, being the American that I am, fed the foreign bird and watched as it dive bombed to the ground before flying back up to it’s secure limb in a blink of an eye.


For all of you curious people out there, this is a kookaburra!

We only had four days left in Melbourne before we would have to set off on our own little adventure. I spent the weekend having a girls night at a friends house, while my boyfriend did the same with his “mates”. We cooked, baked, drank, and watched a marathon of Sex and the City. It was a bittersweet time. On one side, I was super excited to move to Sydney and explore more of Australia, but on the other side, I had just made some amazing friends here. We were finally getting closer and I wasn’t at all ready to say goodbye.

Below are some pictures from different adventures I had in Melbourne that just didn’t have enough spunk to make it into becoming a blog post of their own:

1098065_10151627262781225_388620438_n 1239482_10151682232181225_1655538558_n



The weekend did pass though, and before we knew it we were packing up the car and preparing ourselves for the week ahead (since we weren’t for sure staying in Sydney until the end of the week). After a short nights rest, it was time to go. Many many many hugs later from his mom, step dad, and cat, we were in the car and off to our new life in a new city.

As the now familiar roads strayed off into our rear view mirror, I could not help but think about all of the memories I had made in this astonishing city. It had felt like home and everyone there felt like family, but now, Sydney was somewhere in our near but far away future, and as an outsider playing house, it was pretty exciting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to move to Sydney? The first thing you think about when you think Australia is the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Okay okay, and maybe Finding Nemo.

I was living the dream. My boyfriends hand was in mine (red bull was in our other) and we were taking off down the road, the city dissipating around us, lavender hills spreading out into every corner of our view. The sun was finally rising and the new summer heat was sweltering as the wind from the rolled down windows whipped my hair across my face. Smiles and laughter were everywhere to be found, along with plenty of country music. Toby Keith being his favorite, although he still couldn’t tell the difference between Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, but he was gradually getting better and would almost make for a good ole southern boy, if it weren’t for that aussie accent.

We had 11 hours of driving ahead of us, but the time seemed to fly by. Not being able to sleep, I peered out onto the country side, asked a plethora of questions about the new city we were moving to and about all of his old friends he had made there years ago. After all of the questions were answered, and I, being the “Chatty Cathy” that I am, ran out of questions to ask, we decided to make a new game.

And now, I know this is going to sound a bit morbid, but when you’re driving 11 hours with nothing but hills around you, you have to think of something to keep you occupied. So we made a bet. How many dead kangaroos would we see by the end of the trip as road kill?

Because, let me tell you folks, there were A LOT! Looking back on it now, I could not tell you who won the bet. It was probably because I was so damn mortified with how many we ended up seeing.

47 to be exact.

Oh, and two wombats.

The poor creatures.

As we kept driving further and further north, we could feel the temperature rising. Because, unlike the states, the further south you go in Australia, the cooler it gets. I guess they just like to be a bit different, to go along with their no flat bread sandwich ways.

But after 11 hours, we had finally made it, with only a few detours because of the bush fires happening in the Blue Mountains.

Oh, did I mention we were going to be close to that? Yeah, as if it weren’t hot enough already.

I can still smell the air in Sydney that first day we arrived. Where I am from, the air is always thick with moisture and humidity. Here, it is thin and dry. The air tasted like smoke and pine needles, the heat was stifling. I did not like it one bit. But hey, we had finally made it. We were staying at a friends house for the week until we knew whether or not the job was his, and I couldn’t have been happier to finally get out of that dang car.

Not that the heat was any better inside, cause, ya know, air conditioning is expensive as hell. So after greetings, and a cool glass of water, the little boy of the house decided that he wanted to go swimming. And by golly, I was too. Fully clothed. It was the best swim of my life, let me tell you.

So, we made it to Sydney in one piece and maybe a couple of pounds lighter from all of sweat we accumulated over the journey. That nights rest would be a good one, as my boyfriend started his trial run at work the next morning. Talk about exciting!

There was so much of my journey I had not even begun at that point. So many friendships and adventures had yet to be made. But in the next two months, I was going to live an excursion I could not have even dreamed of.

The question being, was I ready for it?

Until Next Time!!!



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