Unexpected Expected Journey

For starters, don’t shoot me. See this right here? Yeah, it’s a white flag.


This mini hiatus was not something that I wanted to do. It just kinda… happened. Cause, you know, technology hates me.

But to surpass all of the exciting details about GeekSquad and my many trips to the nearest Best Buy, I’ll just tell you that my computer is up and running (for) now. So no, you do not need to buy those pitch forks and torches.

Yes, I did hear you outside of my window planning your rebuttal…

Who am I kidding? You don’t care. You probably didn’t even notice I was gone.

But wow, have things happened since you were gone!

For starters, let’s have a tiny refresh (in case you have never read my bio).

Ever since returning from Australia, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in becoming a flight attendant. Different, right? Well I applied back in August with Delta Airlines, had my video interview in September, and just a few  weeks ago I received the call to go to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend a face to face interview.

I was on cloud nine. My dream that I had long waited on was finally coming true. It was a six month long wait and in a few days I was going to be on a plane again, and hopefully, I would be starting my career.

So off to Atlanta I was, my tiny red suitcase in tow (and yeah, maybe it did have my name monogrammed onto it…so what?) Knowing this time how airports worked, I had all of my liquids carefully zipped up into a clear bag and I did not arrive at the airport two and a half hours early. The process was less frightening than the first, but it had a completely different feeling than before. When I first flew, I was flying to someone. This time, I was flying for myself. I was proud of myself and all of the things I had accomplished and will soon be accomplishing.

I forced my friendships upon a few strangers, bumping into some people that I knew as well, and then boarded my plane; where I then forced my friendship upon a few more strangers.


The flight was a short one, but a breathtaking one as always. We landed with ease and the airport ground was safely under my feet. I was in Atlanta alone and I needed to figure out how the heck to get out of this dang labyrinth of a place. But I wasn’t scared. I had conquered this feat before. So after a long train ride to the end of the line, I was safely (or not so safely) outside of the airport and now on my own. Luckily there were people to guide me in the right direction to my hotels shuttle bus and I made it on with no problem (I just won’t mention the five times I asked the not so nice man to my right that I was “for sure on the bus to the Sheraton”). I felt safer on the plane than I did on that bus, as we tossed from side to side. I’m pretty sure I was on a real life roller coaster and I kept fearing that I wouldn’t even make it to the interview in the morning.

But I did make it, and after having a weird conversation with a lady about her two dogs and their longs flights together (I told you people I make friends with everyone), I was up in my room with a glass of wine (for the nerves) and after a few phone calls and a shower, I was ready for bed. Or I would have been if my brain would have shut up for five minutes. Because even though I called for wake up call at 5:30 a.m my brain kept worrying that I wasn’t going to wake up on time.

Silly me.

Eventually though, I did fall asleep…. at 2:30 a.m….. cause who needs sleep anyways?

My lack of sleep along with my lack of food (damn nerves) made for a shaky eyeliner job and an intense headache.

I packed everything up into my now one wheeled suitcase (incident on the plane…. don’t ask) and soldiered on downstairs where low and behold, 8 other applicants were nervously standing. Their lack of sleep eyes, business attire, pearls, and slicked back hair were all signs that they were here for the same job as me. So of course, why not make some friends? I cracked a few jokes and even spotted out a guy in khakis (bless his heart). Soon we were on the shuttle bus on the way to Deltas Training Center, our hearts hammering in our chests and our stomachs rolling. You can’t help but pick out the competition and notice which ones were more likely to get the job over you or not. But they were all so nice. Every single one of them had what it would take to become that perfect flight attendant Delta was looking for.

This was going to be a long day.

The sun had not come out yet and it was pouring down rain…. just my luck. We exited the bus and found our way to the security gate where we picked up our badges and were pointed to the direction we needed to go.

The wrong direction.

So while we tried to manage our way around in pantie hose and heels in the pouring down rain, we were lost. A group of us huddled together in front of a very large building that looked like a reasonable place for our destination and debated on what to do next. Long story short, we eventually made it to where we were supposed to be, looking exactly how my dog does after a nice bath.

We were then hurried away up the stairs to this room full of Delta employees where we made our way around the circle to introduce ourselves to each and every person. After thirty or so minutes of making friends and introducing yourself, everyone was accounted for. All 100 or so of us.

So the day went on with lots of fake smiles and enthusiasm, choreographed dances, and lots and lots of questions. Not to mention your every move was being watched by potential employers. We also found out that we were one of 62,000 people that applied for Delta and only 25% actually make it to Deltas Headquarters for face to face interviews.  It was an amazing experience and boosted my self confidence levels right up. Five hours went by in a blink of an eye and soon the whole process was over. Six months leading up to this point, and now it was finished.

They thanked us for coming and told us that we would find out if we got the job or not within the next few days.

Talk about nerves.

But there was nothing else I could do now. I left everything I had in me in that Delta office and now it was a waiting game on whether or not I stood out against all of the others.

My five or so friends I had made during the process all shuttled along with me to the airport where we all agreed on two things.

One: We needed to get out of these damn pantie hose.

And Two: We needed a drink.


So greasy food and beers were on the menu as we all got to know each other. We were from all different locations of the U.S, but I was the only Southern Belle. Every time I said “ya’ll” it was followed up by a fit of laughter and a question on whether or not I was married to my cousin. Hardy har har. Since we were all on stand by for our flights, we ended up bar hopping from one gate to the next. It was a blast and such a once in a lifetime experience.

After being 9th on the stand by list for my last flight, my luck to actually get a seat on my next flight was looking slim to none. I told the waiter that I would probably be back in 10 or so minutes and that I definitely wanted a glass of that Riesling when I got back. I said my 5th goodbye to my friends and told them that I would also probably see them again, and if not, I was Facebook friends with all of them.

I wasn’t back. I was first on the list for that flight and it was a bittersweet moment. The experience of the past two days were gone and now I just had to wait and see what the future would hold for me.

Two days later I found out that I did not receive the job for Delta and that I would have to try again in 6 months. I was crushed, but not as crushed as I thought I would be. Because even though that job didn’t work out, there were still so many opportunities that were out there for me. So why stop there?  I made great friends and gained amazing experiences that would help me with future endeavors. I had no time to be upset. I had no time to cry in defeat. I had to figure out my next course of action and tell myself that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this didn’t happen because it wasn’t the right timing, or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe there was something else greater out there for me, waiting. So no, I did not roll around in self pity. I planned my next play and started the ball rolling for my next adventure.

Who knows where I’ll end up?

Until Next Time!!



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