Subway & Shrines

Waking up the next morning to car horns blaring and bright lights shining like God himself onto my eyeballs would have been annoying if only it didn’t remind me of where I was. So yeah, waking up in Australia for the second morning in a row was still kinda different and was still going to take a bit of getting used to. And honestly, it felt like Christmas morning every time I opened my eyes.

A new adventure was waiting for me.

My stomach rumbled and I then decided that breakfast was going to be my first big adventure of the day. So after we got dressed and ready in our boots and warm coats, it was time to tackle the city once again, and maybe this time try not to get run over by the monstrous trams.


We stumbled our way out onto the streets, blue skies finally breaking through the silver clouds. The streets were already busy and full of people walking to and from work, riding their bikes, catching trams, and leisurely drinking their coffees along the cafes that enveloped onto the sidewalks. So much life and energy. Nothing like the slow southern life I was accustomed to. Everyone here always looked like they were someone important and had somewhere important that they needed to get to, and quickly. At home I lived two blocks away from my work and the quickest place I ever had to get to was the gas stationed before I bottomed out.

The city was beautiful, but I could feel my blood pressure rising just by looking at the woman in a fancy business suit and sleek black heels as she power walked her way up the sidewalk before disappearing in between two very large buildings.

My fingers were locked tightly with my boyfriends as we followed up that same sidewalk, but at a much slower pace.

Subway was going to be the winner for lunch and I was excited to have something familiar to eat that wasn’t lamb or meat pies. Then we walked in… And dammit, even the Subways in Australia were different. I mean, not to sound like a preppy privileged American white girl, but I really enjoyed spinach and mustard on my sandwiches. And I knew that Australia was behind about ten years on things (I am not even kidding. These people loved 90’s music and spaghetti straps) but I at least thought that they’d have flat bread sandwiches. But I settled with whole wheat and a cup of water (because drinks were about as expensive as the sandwich itself) and dug in. Oh, and did I mention that you don’t even get the option of having chips with your sandwich? Yeah. My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I told him that we Americans like our sandwiches with something crunchy, because apparently the only time they ever eat chips (or what they call crisps) was at parties. Weird Aussie people and their no flat bread ways.

After we finished our meal we headed back the way we came and found ourselves casually strolling through the city. Tall buildings of black and blue glass stood tall on both sides of the street and I found myself fixated on a set of bikes, but not just any bikes. You see, you could rent out these suckers and ride them around the city and return them at any given location. Pretty nifty really.

Trees were placed so some bike paths were completely covered in leafy green even though it was smack dab in the middle of the city. That was definitely one thing I loved about Melbourne. The life.


As we made our way to the gardens across the street from the hotel, I realized that I should probably call my mother for what was the second time of the trip, and surely not the last. So there I filled her in on my latest adventures, which was kind of hard since it was only 11 o’clock in the morning. But I assured her that everything was okay and that I really was happy and no she did not need to call my boyfriends mother. Once I filled her in on everything, I told her to go eat a flat bread sandwich for me and that I loved her. That poor woman missed me just a little bit.

Our next adventure was to a building called The Shrine, a war memorial for Australian troops. (And yes, Australia has an army… pshh… Silly Americans…) The building sat on a tallish hill (only tall to me because I was from an island that consisted of absolutely no hills whatsoever) and had steps leading up it that reminded me of the steps in Rocky.


(notice the Rocky steps)

Explaining to you the absolute beauty of the building is rather difficult. The building felt like something you would see sitting on the hill in Washington D.C. The grass surrounding it was so green I could not believe it was real, and climbing up the steps to see the view of the city was something I would never forget. This was only my third day and I could not believe that Australia could get any more beautiful. Or perfect for that matter. Because, did I mention that my boyfriend was holding me tightly and viewing out onto the city with me?


Taking this leap of faith and flying across the world for this man was definitely worth it. This was all so worth it.

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Until Next Time!!!



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