Landing in Oz

After talking with everyone I possibly could near the bathrooms, I sat down in my horribly uncomfortable seat and watched the large screen at the front of the plane. There was a tiny cartooned airplane on it following a line that would eventually end on our destination. Melbourne, Australia. One more hour was left and I glanced out of my window to still find nothing but water. My mission three hours ago was to spot a boat or maybe a bird somewhere in my line of view, telling me that we were somewhere near civilization.

Through out most of my trip I had seen nothing but darkness out of my window. It wasn’t a very pretty sight, in fact, it was rather boring. Until the sun started rising.

Witnessing a sunrise anywhere was a magical gift, but witnessing one up above the clouds was something else. The sky slowly lightened and at first I thought that maybe I was just seeing things, maybe it wasn’t actually getting brighter. But then I saw the edge of the sun and the clouds started turning a soft pink, like the roses my mother used to grow at my childhood home. The sky above the clouds started turning a bright blue and the rays of sunshine caught swiftly on each and every ripple in the sea. It felt like it took hours for the sun to completely rise until then I realized something. We were chasing the sun. We, being the small beings that we are, were above the clouds and rounding the earth in a journey to catch the sun until it was high in the sky.

When I finally saw land I could not contain my excitement. Sydney, Australia, was in my sights and I traced the shoreline with my finger. The beaches contained high bluffs of rock and the city was not far from it. I knew that eventually in my trip I would be making my way to the famous city to see it for myself and my stomach did cartwheels just thinking about it.

Just one more hour until landing.

The couple next to me kept asking if I was nervous. I would shake my head and tell them, “No, I’m just excited.” They looked at me for a second and shook their heads, still smiling, and said, “If it were me I would be!”

Yeah, seeing your boyfriend after eight long months should be nerve wracking, definitely when you flew to the other side of the world for him. There was a lot on the line. But I wasn’t scared. I just wanted to see him and finding him was the only thing I was really nervous about.

The tiny plane on the screen was practically hovering over our targeted destination and the lights blinked over our heads, telling us it was time for landing.

Again, I didn’t feel a thing as the large nation of a plane landed and came to a complete stop.

One by one everyone deboarded the plane and it only took about 10 years. My visa was surely going to expire by the time I actually touched Australian soil.

But then I was in the airport. I was here. I had made it.

I followed the crowd and swiftly found myself going through the motions of security, customs, and baggage claim. Now, don’t ask me the details on the process of everything. Being sleep deprived, starved, and anxious with nerves and excitement, it was a surprise I even remembered my own name.

The people who sat next to me on the plane let me borrow their Australian phone to call my boyfriend since I could not get my phone to connect to the airport wifi. Thanks a lot Australia, you were already treating me kindly. Turns out my flight was early and he was running late. So I sat with my big bag and my messy hair and glanced nervously all around the large crowd. People were crying, hugging, holding hands, laughing, smiling… everything really. There was so much emotion in the room I felt my heart flutter with my own feelings. Then my phone rang (finally connected to the wifi) and he was here. In the same room. Somewhere.

I laughed nervously as I spun around in tiny circles, trying to spot him out in the crowd. He then told me that he saw me and I became completely self conscious and I hated myself for not taking that free time to go to the bathroom to freshen up. There was no telling the mess that I looked like.

A smile was plastered to my face. My heart was beating like crazy. My stomach made me feel like it was going to throw up and I wished it to calm down at once.

Then I saw him.

My hand slowly dropped to my side as he hung up the phone and I stood there motionless.

In my dreams leading up to the 8 months I always imagined that I’d run into his arms in slow motion and every one around us would applaud and cheer.

It was anything but that. We both awkwardly smiled at each other, tears rimming the edges of my eyes and embraced one another in a long long hug. I took in the smell of him and wiped my tears onto his jacket.

I had made it.

I had accomplished my biggest fear. I flew to the other side of the world by myself when everyone else thought I was crazy.

I had done it.

Australian soil was under my feet and my Australian guy was holding me tightly, refusing to let go.

My adventures were just beginning.

Until Next Time!!!



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