There’s a first time for everything: Part Three

So here I go, boarding my second flight of the day and giddy with excitement. Who will I sit next to? Will I be lucky enough to acquire a window seat? Questions fill my brain as I search for my seat number.

Seems as though my luck wasn’t looking too good.

I am assigned the dreaded middle seat.

The guy lucky enough to sit by the window is already asleep with his headphones snuggly fit to his head. There was no making friends with him on this flight.

But there was still hope! I glanced at the other people passing my seat, wondering if they might be so fortunate to sit next to little ole me. I so wanted to sit next to someone my age that I could maybe gossip with and tell all about my lovely Australian boyfriend.

Again, no such luck was found.

A business man sat down and looked to be in his mid thirties. He smiled at me and sat, opening up his laptop and started typing away. I would really have to work on him. He was my only hope of having an okay five hour flight anndd he was my ticket to finding my way around LAX.

The plane took off and I got the same feeling I got last time. I’m flying…. Just that thought alone made a smile form to my lips.

I don’t remember the particular conversation that was held but I know I had to sneak my way into it. Subtle. Something I was not good at. At all… I weasel my way into a conversation about where he was going to and what for and it turns out he did this almost daily. He possessed the gift to fly on a daily basis and was paid for it from his company. I envied this guy.

Eventually I used my charm and we talked about all sorts of things. He even showed me pictures of his daughter after he made fun of me for being from Alabama. I couldn’t blame him really. L.A city slicker he was and all.

We arrived in Los Angeles all too soon and the trip that I was on finally sunk in.

I was going to freaking Australia.

One more flight and I was going to step foot onto foreign soil.

That is, if I could survive the dreaded LAX.

You see, my boyfriend at the time was a saint. He called me that morning and sent me all of the maps to every single airport I was going to be at. Did that help? Some. But that didn’t help the fact that I still couldn’t read those large blue moving screens.

So we landed. It was now night time. (11 p.m. that is) and I still had a two hour layover and a 16 hour flight ahead of me. The man sitting next to me stuck with me after we debarked the plane and looked up my next terminal and gate on his phone.

I told you people that I am a charmer

Then he did something that I would later be intensely grateful for.

He pointed to the man on the golf cart and told him to drive me to my gate.

The Gods were in my favor that day.

So he did. He drove myself and another family of ten to the gate (This family was also from Pensacola and was ALSO going to Australia… Small world right?)

And WHO KNEW you have to be shuttled on a bus to the international airport. Here I was thinking that I had made it, that was it, no more moving for me. And then they led me out of the doors outside and put me into a bus. They could have been taking me to my untimely death and I would have never known. But there I made another friend and would end up sticking with her until we boarded our next flight.

FINALLY we made it to our final destination. An enormous round room with about a million people in it. I think the large family from Pensacola took pity on me because they invited me to Burger King to eat with them. I thanked them and ate my cheeseburger with their five year olds that also looked sad for me to be all alone. I was anything but sad.

I was tired.

I was excited.

I was nervous.

I was freaking out.

Two hours drug by as I patiently awaited to board my flight. The longest car ride I have ever been on was 9 hours and this flight was almost double. I had no idea how I would handle this. At all.

But the time came and the attendant called on the 2 a.m. flight to Melbourne, Australia. I clutched my boarding pass, took a deep breath and stood up.

This was it.

To be continued….

Until next time!!!





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