There’s a first time for everything: Part Two

Waiting in line to hand in my ticket made my stomach do back flips. People seemed so calm, so confident in their abilities to not touch the ground for an hour and a half. I on the other hand, kept glancing out of the window at the rain, begging it to stop for just a little while. Since Pensacola airport was a tiny one, the walk from the ticket counter to the plane was a short one. Never even being in a plane before, I was curious of what exactly it looked like. Did it look like how it did in movies and pictures? For some odd reason I kept thinking about the movie Snakes on a Plane, even though I knew that was completely illogical, unlike my deathly fear of snakes.

Once inside I saw that the plane only had two seats on one side and three on the other. A very small plane by any means. So there I was, scouting for my spot and trying not to hold up the long line still waiting to get into the metal contraption. Finally, I made it to my seat. An aisle seat. Yes, no looking out of the windows for me. I sat down into the small seat and placed my backpack in my lap, gripping it tightly. The old couple next to me smiled and relaxed, obviously happy not to have to be sitting beside an infant. I might as well be a small child though. Who knows if I could handle the take off orr the landing. I might be screaming louder than a new born by the time we reach Atlanta.

The couple beside me looked relaxed.

Calm. Cool. Collected.

I was anything but.

This is my first time flying.” I blurted out. The couple looked at me and raised their brows. “Ahh first timer ehh? We’re going to New York, where are you traveling to?” At that I smiled a bit, proud of where I was about to say I was going to. “Australia.” 

Their mouths dropped a bit but they still smiled. “Australia! That’s far away to go by yourself, definitely for a first timer.” 

Tell me about it….

Then the flight attendants went through the safety procedures and I oddly felt like I was the only one listening. I made eye contact with the attendant several times while everyone else played on their phones until the last possible second. Some people were even asleep already. I hope they know the procedures by heart if we crash….. I thought.

It was now time for take off. My buckle was securely fastened and I was ready to go. This was it. This was the moment that would change my life forever. The moment I would later realize was the beginning to an even larger journey.

The plane ran down the runway, the rain blazing by.

I closed my eyes and felt my heart race.

And then I felt it, the wheels left the ground and we were sailing through the air like the paper airplanes we always made as kids. I couldn’t believe the similarity in feeling.

Everyone looked at me, expecting me to panic, throw up, something. But I didn’t. In fact, I LOVED it. I couldn’t get enough. I looked over to the old couple and they pointed out of the window. We were now above the rain clouds and the city was far far below us. I was in love. The plane dipped and turned and even went through a bit of turbulence. but I wasn’t scared at all.

I never felt so accomplished in my life. I was going to Australia all by myself and flying was actually fun.

The trip lasted about an hour and I never wanted it to end.

Good thing I had two more lonnnggg flights to go.

The plane skidded to a complete stop and I longed for the sensation of being back up in the air.

Atlanta airport would have scared the shit out of me, had I not made a friend on this short flight. The girl sitting to my left was around my age and guess what? She was going to the gate RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. Talk about luck.

So there we went, making our way through the crowd and for some odd reason I felt like a lost child in a very very large supermarket. Everyone else knew what the hell they were doing and how to read those large moving blue screens. If it wasn’t for my new friend I would have curled up into a ball until someone would trip over me and take pity in a fully grown adult that did not know how to function on their own.

But here’s one thing I learned about airports.


What?!?? Why didn’t I know this?! Obviously at this point it didn’t take much to blow my mind.

Mark two things off of my bucket list. That’s right, I had never been on a train before either. Shocking, I know.

The rest of that time was a blur. I think I tried to eat some form of a croissant but failed because my nerves were completely shot. I face-timed my then boyfriend again and told him all about my amazing flight, how I am now Facebook friends with a girl from said flight, and asked if he knew there are freaking TRAINS in AIRPORTS. And yes, he knew that already. Of course he knew that already. Everyone and their mother knew that besides me.

Then it was time to board my second flight and I was giddy with anticipation. Five more hours and then I will arrive at LAX.

The largest freaking airport in the country.

Let’s hope I make a friend on this flight too….



To Be Continued!!!

Until next time!!!





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