That Awkward Introduction


Writing a introduction to my new blog is like taking public speaking all over again.

Take one:

*doesn’t know where to put my hands*

Hello! Um, hi, how are you? My name is uh Courtney and I am 21 years young! *painful laugh* and I am here to tell you that I hate public speaking!

Go ahead and shoot me now. Long boring introductions will draw you in as much as large hairy men will make it onto the Bachelor, but here goes nothing! Cause I mean, big hairy men have to find love too, right?

Take two:

  • My name is Courtney Brannon and I am 24 years old. My passions include writing, reading, drawing, forcing my friendships upon strangers I meet in various locations, traveling to scary new locations and if I could live up in the sky for the rest of my life I’d be the happiest gal alive. I am a southern belle that has a twang of being a wee bit sarcastic. Raised an athlete but crave for intelligence in the minds of others. I recently graduated the University of Alabama with a BA in International Conflict Analysis. I am moving to Boston in September for an AmeriCorps job and plan on to one day work with an NGO or Think Tank.
  • Sounds fun, right?

Was that rose ceremony worthy?

So, you might ask what my intentions are of this blog? 

That’s great of you to ask! *throw candy into crowd* My number one goal in life is to live for myself, because I am the only one that can live it. I want to travel, I want to meet new people, I want to have a rich and full life that I will not regret. I want a life that when I am 90 years old pooping into my own diaper and sometimes forgetting my own name, I can raise my wrinkly fist into the air and be proud of the life I have accomplished. So yeah, I am here to document this awesome life I have envisioned and share it with all of you. Because what’s an awesome life if you don’t at least share it with others?

Side note: Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions!

Until next time!





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